Cathrinesminde Teglværk
Illerstrandvej 7
DK 6310 Broager.

74 44 94 74

2. - 30. april
10.00 - 16.00

1. maj - 31. august

10.00 - 17.00

1. september - 29. october

10.00 - 16.00

Closed mondays except during july and august, including autumn, easter & pentecost holidays.

Cathrinesminde Teglværk

cathrinesminde Teglværk

Cathrinesminde Brickyard is a museum of the brick industry in Denmark and the industrial history of Southern Jutland.

The brickyard was in operation from 1732 to 1968 and was turned into a museum on local community initiative.

In 2007, the brickyard was nominated as one of 25 national monuments of the history of Danish industri.

The brickyard is situated on the coast of the Flensburg Inlet and includes seven hectares of old clay pits, drying sheds, a ring kiln, workers' housing, and the remains of the shipping pier.

Cathrinesminde dominates the landscape as a monument to the extensive brick industry that characterized the area for nearly 300 years.


Visitors can learn about the production at a traditional ring kiln brickyard, experience the living quartes of the workers, see the special exhibitions of the season or simply enjou the area around the museum.

Cathrinesminde is the Danish centre for Industrimuseum Slesvig, a series of destinations north and south of the Danish-German border that show the traces of industrial history in Southern Jutland.














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