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The Oldemorstoft Museum is located in the town of Bov close to the Danish-German border.

The museums focal point is agriculture. The chores on the farmstead and the work in the field are both displayed in the extensive exhibition.

The grey Ferguson Tractor on display became the symbol of the new era of rapid mechanisation resulting in the mass depopulation of the countryside for an entire generation after the Second World War.

Many Danish visitors will readily recognise the Madame Blue kitchen utensils on display.

Madam Blå

The stories of hand milking the cow, of the blacksmith shoeing the horse, or the mothers work in the kitchen are all told by the hundreds of items in the exhibition.

The museum is the perfect vehicle for taking a trip down memory lane.

The museum also houses an exhibition depicting the history of the Danish-German border.

The museum's operation is based on an extensively large number of volunteers, who provide assistance throughout the week and on special occasions, e.g. during Easter when "Det sønderjyske Kaffebord" is launched - coffee served with 20-30 traditional cakes, tarts and cookies from this part of Jutland - on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday each year .

Sønderjysk Kaffebord










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