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Museum Sønderjylland is characterized by an organization with many departments scattered all over the southern part of Jutland. At all the major departments a local administrative staff handles a range of very versatile administrative tasks.

The museum's general office handles a set of general administrative tasks, and together with the local administrative staff at the departments it is responsible for developing the appropriate administrative routines and main tasks in the museum.

The general office is among other things responsible for:

 • Attendance to the board and its meetings

 • Budgets and accounts for the museum

 • Negotiation with the government and local municipalities about


 • Attendance to the museum curator, other leaders in the museum

    and the various meeting forums of the museum

 • Recruitment and general management of  personnel

 • Maintenance of the museum's buildings and facilities

 • The overall economic management of the museum

 • Contracts and agreements with external authorities.



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Museum Sønderjylland


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