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Skærbæk Museum


The museum operates from a beautiful shop keeper's house, constructed in 1909 and designed by the well-known architect Kaj Gottlob.

In 1984, the house was acquired by the municipality of Skærbæk, which made the building available as a local museum for Skærbæk and the surrounding area.

From 2008, the museum has been a part of the Museum Sønderjylland as a department that illustrates a very exciting period in the history of Southwest Jutland: the 'Gründer period' around 1900.

The main emphasis is the internationally famous Skærbæk-carpets. These are picture carpets, which were designed by artists of the time and woven at the Skærbæk Weaving School from 1896 until the start of the 1900s.

In addition, the museum tells the story of early tourism in Sønderjylland highlighting the summer house area of Lakolk on the island of Rømø as the birthplace of tourism in the region.

Eventually, the museum intends to present the applied art of the period of 'art nouveau'.

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